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    We are a modern studio focus on provide premium sound solutions

    Music Production

    The process by the music is created, recorded, processed and preserved to be distributed and enjoyed. Let's make music together!

    Audio Branding

    The world is listening, How does your brand sound? Through strategy conception we develop sound that amplify and define your brand identity.

    Studio Recording

    We specialize recording commercial VO artist, musicians, and all kind of ensembles, in the studio or outdoors locations.


    We create songs for advertising campaigns, films, audiovisual projects, indie artists, and any musical need.

    Sound Design

    We create custom-made sounds for apps and products. We sculpt sound to create a unique aural environment for podcast, music, radio, films, audio UX, SFX, audiobooks and video game design.

    Sample Packs

    Unique collections of sounds, music loops and one-shots, designed as building blocks for your productions, which you can use to create new and exciting music.


    Playlists are a very important part of the audio branding experience for brands, music curation to attract your ideal customer.


    High quality audio doesn't distract you from the content of the show, it welcomes you in and thus you're able to enjoy listening. So you can feel free to focus on creating new content and we handle the production and post-production audio needs.

    Cultural Projects

    We believe in the power of music and the impact in culture. We explore new ways to transmit sounds of cultural heritage to new audiences.

    Music Libraries

    Dedicated music libraries for sync and specific media designed to fit for music supervisors.


    Binaural recording to create immersive sound experiences for film and audio soundscapes.

    Audio Repairing

    Poor quality audio recordings typically include clicks, clips, crackles, hums, excessive reverb, and noise. We restore your audio files to bring up studio quality.

    Music Strategy

    We assist Brand Managers in creating coherent and engaging audio UX strategies across all brand touchpoints.


    Audio mixing is the process of taking recorded tracks and blending them together. Mixing ensures that no matter the fashion in which the music has been recorded, it impacts with the correct aesthetic and allows the listener to be enveloped by the song.


    Mastering is the final stage of audio production—the process of putting the finishing touches on a song by enhancing the overall sound, creating consistency across all platforms. The final polish to make your music stand up and shine.

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